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that night at my speech that if you compare all the states in america with the ones led by republicans compared to those led by democrats, the unemployment rate in republican led students was one point lower than those led by democrats. and voters understand that.was than those led by democrats. and voters understand that. >> is the hurricane having any impact on on the presidential election some there's been lots of questions does it help the president, does it hurt the president. from the national perspective, you're outside this region, do you think it has any impact at all? >> i think it's fairly neutral. i think as americans, we expect that on monday and tuesday and since then that we've set aside partisan politics and really focused on making sure first and foremost we send our prayers and thoughts out to everybody on the east coast and then i think it was appropriate for mitt romney for example had a rally scheduled, he canceled that. on tuesday, my wife was with ann romney in green bay and paul ryan was in lacrosse collects relief items. i did a phone bank for the red cross. th
of the senate says it is time for president obama to tell america what this man is. that senator is pat toomey of pennsylvania. he is going to join us here in 25 minutes. next up is the republican party about to lose it's soul and principles over the fiscal cliff debate. why is nobody talking ip t inin media about spending cuts. let's talk to brent great to see you on the show. thank you for coming. let me start with this thought. over this fiscal cliff debate. nobody is cutting spending. everybody is talking about taxes. is the gop losing it's soul and principles? >> no one is being serious in it's debate. the fellow from adi is making sound statements. but he is whistling past the graveyard. there is no problem that the obama budget calls for spending giving us a deficit of $1 trillion per year as far as the eye can see. tax cuts didn't cause this. it is spending that caused this. you go to spending. you have the cpo itself is saying the only way to do this is getting obamacare out of there. what are the republicans starting to say? this will destroy the republican party because the party wi
, will reducing the tax detux for charitable giving really hurt america's charities? you may be surprised about what i'm going to say about this, and the facts back me up. get ready for a debate, because free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. people don't make charities just because of tax considerations. i'm larry kudlow. they have a heart, and that heart is what driving them to be beneficial. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from heartburn 2 or more days a week, why use temporary treatments when you can prevent the acid that's causing it with prevacid24hr. with one pill prevacid24hr works at the source to prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day and all night. and with new prevacid24hr perks, you can earn rewards from dinner deals to music downloads for purchasing prevacid24hr. prevent acid all day and all night for 24 hours with prevacid24hr. >>> the united way and other nonprofits are freaking out tonight that the charitable tax deduction might be capped in order to help soft the budget problem, but you know what i think? i think the deduction has nothing to d
america are the leaders. >> we may be the leader. thank you, ken heebner, we appreciate it. >>> while new yorkers are still spending hours on glass lines, the odd/even license plate system in new jersey which takes half the cars out of the gas lines each day, that system's working so well in new york city and the long island counties are mandating odd/even beginning friday. one more sign of sandy's impact. new york governor andrew cuomo estimates the damage in his state, alone, at $33 billion. cuomo assailed the power companies. he called for a ground-up redesign of the power and fuel supply systems. but i think what he ought to do is open the door to some deregulation and free market competition. this especially for the power companies. let the marketplace work, governor cuomo. you'd have better results during emergencies or nonemergencies. >>> anyway, coming up here, president obama wasn't the only big winner on tuesday night. the polling industry kind of nailed it. top pollster ed gullas is up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] a european-inspired suspension, but not from germany. ♪ a powe
. as america demands compromise, on growing the economy and avoiding the fiscal cliff. the president today hosted an old fashioned lefty summit filled with labor chiefs and foreign liberal groups. he went to them ahead of business and the politicians are going to come later on friday. they are going to consider mitt romney's plan. he lost the election but might his ideas win out in the end? plus obamacare, continues to take it's toll on jobs. and one ceo's comments about it's plan are spurring a national movement to eat pizza. 48 days until the biggest tax hike in the history of the planet earth. president obama put labor and local interest groups to who knows what. senate minority leader had the perfect response on the senate floor today please take a lis ebb. >> the amount of revenue that they are prepared to put usual over the cliff over wouldn't fund the government for one week. so why in the world would we want to do that? what is the point? to make people feel good about whacking somebody else. >> so what is your answer to what mitch mcconnel said? go after rich people. why do it at
no democrat feels that we are out of the woods. but we're moving in the right direction. that's what america worries about, that's what america wants, moving in the right direction. >> you and i have done this show so many years. when george bush was president, 150,000 job growth, you used to say the economy's not doing well enough, 2.5% growth, that's not good enough. you're right. but obama's record on the economy is worse on all these statistics. you're right, he inherited this crisis, but four years later we're not much better. the economy's growing slower now than last year, slower than the year before. you can't blame that on george w. bush. >> wait a minute, there have been terrible headwinds. also, it's not exactly as if republicans and the republican congress has cooperated very much. by my recollection, they voted for absolutely nothing that obama wanted. >> in a democratic congress, two years -- >> all that stuff, $800 billion stimulus, obama care, dodd-frank, he got all that through the democratic congress -- >> we'd be much worse off had we not had that stimulus. >> there's no g
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committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. >>> welcome back to "the kudlow report." americans for tax reform tell us that on january 1st, 2013 americans will get smacked with a staggering $268 billion tax hike, all of that thanks to obama care. happy new year indeed. joining us to report on this, news editor lickity split. let's go through this from your report. i want to rank them by numbers. the biggest one here, $123 billion is a 3 .8% tur tax on all manner of investment. how is that going to help the eco
'll be right back. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. welcome to the world leader in derivatives. welcome to superderivatives. >>> once again, you're looking at live pictures from westchester, ohio, near cincinnati. where mitt romney is set to deliver his campaign's closing message to thousands of supporters later this hour. you can see former new york city mayor rudy giuliani knocking it off right now in preparation for mitt romney's speech. so, of course, with just four days until election day, the romney campaign is looking to fire up its base as well as courting independents. but as "the wall street journal" recently suggested evangelical christians could be the secret voting bloc that puts romney over the top. this from a column by deputy editorial page editor, dan henneger. we welcome century strategy ceo ralph reid,
, this is "the kudlow report." >> the president urged both sides of the aisle to get america's fiscal house before we fall off the cliff 52 days from now. what if they're arguing about the difference between tax loopholes and marginal tax rates. that's the debate. >> you mark my words. there's no way that the entire tax hike would be allowed to take place. no way. in terms of investment strategy, it is ridiculous that we'll be facing this. why all of the bickering when it equates to just one quarter of 1% of gdp. all right, supply side art mentor will join us to discuss. >>> also tonight, a shocker, david petraeus quits in disgrace or was he forced out just days before he was to testify in front of congress over the benghazi embassy terror attack. will we ever get the real answers? was the threat of blackmail behind this? >> we begin this evening with the president pushing congress to come together right now and solve the fiscal cliff mess. let's give peace a chance. >> cnbc's chief washington correspondent john harwood joins us now with the details. good evening, john. >> reporter: good ev
's the part i don't get. what would they do with all that money? >> not only that, but let me ask america this. where do you have the money to give to the government? if you want to tax the wealthy, then you tax money that goes to investment in businesses, in venture capital, investments that the wealthy take for the middle class. this government and this administration had a choice to make after the election. do you run center, play a clinton move or do you run hard left? we are seeing the obama that i predicted is going to run hard left. he wants to tax the wealthy. by the way, how do you compromise by first telling someone that you need to come to my position, then give me something else and maybe i'll compromise with you? barack obama is not interested in compromise. keith, you just contradicted yourselves. >> mitch mcconnell has been the guy out there saying it, and all republicans are not willing to have any new tax increases. >> that's not true. there's a difference between raising revenues and raising taxes. >> no, i said tax increases, though. tell me, am i wrong about that, steve? >>
-- detec petraeus. why wasn't america told about the iranian drone attack? the ongoing inquiries into what happened in benghazi was actually the cia, for example, saying two different things. chairman, it sounds just all of this pre-election stuff that's now coming out. everything just sounds like a coverup to me. >> yes. certainly raises real questions. mine, i thought benghazi, explanations, excuses, administration were given from the start didn't make sense, didn't add up. whole fbi investigation and the way that they are describing it doesn't make sense. i mean, how -- first of all, even -- just harassing e-mails turned into an fbi investigation, we have cyber warfare going on with iran and we are getting excited over a woman harassing another one with an e-mail. i'm not aware of that going to an fbi investigation report. secondly the moment that the fbi and the fbi director found out or realized general petraeus was within the scope of the investigation, should have gone to the attorney general which apparently they did. but at the earlier they should are v done that and president sho
reference to canada. canada is america's greatest ally and friend. we should work together on energy. what in -- what is -- imaginabye what could be bad about working with canada? >> the issue isn't about what is bad working with canada. the question is what is good for american energy security and gas prices. and the keystone pipeline is sending that oil to the gulf coast where it is refined for product outside of the united states. the united states over the last 12 months already exported a record 3 1/2 million barrels of oil and refined product a day. >> that's extremely misleading. >> it isn't. >> they are. we cannot use them, that's why we export them. ken green, let me go to you. >> yes. >> this pipeline will get all kinds of gas, all kinds of oil to be refined to the east coast and west coast, which we have learned from the hurricane emergency, we desperately need. and ken, one other point, the head of the afl-cio building trades, has been on here, 220,000 immediate jobs and as much as 500,000 indirect jobs. ken green, how can we not do the keystone pipeline? >> it is a no-brainer.
with a clear message. america's commitment to israel's security is unwavering and that is why we believe it is essential to dees kal late the situation in israel. >> all right that of course was secretary of state hillary clinton a few hours ago. >> did israel get down what they needed to get down? we have former u.s. ambassador. mark, i ask you first. the negotiations for peace is going to take whatever. are they getting done what they need to get down to take out the hamaas military all it is going to do is get to a point where hamas is out of missiles. and so there will be another round of missile firing because there will be no durable missile firing. you have the head of the muslim brotherhood sympathizes with hamas. who is to say iran working through will replentish the weapons loss and we'll go through this whole thing all over again? >> good evening larry and mark. i'm told that hamas is boasting tonight of major success. because for the first time ever hamas has seen delegations of foreign states. into the gaza strip so hamas the terrorist organization is celebrating all of this
to talk about this. that was an unbelievably dumb column. let's talk to america's commitment president. you know, phil, recession in 53, 54, recession in 57, 58, recession in 59 and 60. that's what we got from a 90% tax rate. why does he ignore that obvious history? >> it's pretty strange. usually the 1950s nostalgia comes from social conservatives on the right. now we're getting economic vision. it does not fit the data. it was not a time of great prosperity. and of course we were on the wrong side of the curve. there was no revenue. so it's not like that's something to look forward to, either. >> the guy whose praises ought to be touting is john f. kennedy, the democrat. not eisenhower. he had the tax story wrong. j.f.k. slashed marginal tax rates from 91% to 70% and that opened the door to a tremendous boom in the 1960s which eventually lbj twittered away. that's the model. not 90% but lower tax rates. >> they will flood out of the country immediately if you have to raise the rates. you cannot go back to that if you wanted to. >> the other thing that is interesting to me, you know,
of the population of america -- >> breaks the bank. >> i think it's a completely untenable scenario. >> what about other stuff? a lot of my friends are doctors and they talk about the things you're talking about. but they also say, i've got to pay a lot of money for lawsuit protection. >> that's right. >> which could bankrupt me and my partners in our practice. that's an old saw but nothing ever gets done. >> if anyone thinks that the increase in malpractice premiums has abated because of the overall decline in income for physicians, they are sadly mistaken. the lawsuit tenor of this country is not abating at all. we are seeing situation where is you're looking at $200,000 before you even make a dime if you're a neurosurgeon or obstetrici obstetrician. and you see phoenix in heavily litigious areas not dliring babies or doing neurosurgery. that was not addressed in obama care. >> i don't know the way out of this mess. i want to ask you about a hot thing i hear about, these little clinics. they're run by nurses or practitioners of some kind. you see them in walmart, see them in a lot of retail stor
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16